ANNE is a theater play based on the life of Anne Frank. It covers the two years spent by Anne and her family in the Secret Annex as well as the events of the times before and after.

Anne’s words – poignantly reflecting the tensions and tragedy of their existence during these times – come alive against the backdrop of a life-size set, allowing spectators to experience Anne’s life journey that leads the lonely little girl towards writing and womanhood in the midst of terrible oppression. ANNE is the first ever theater performance based on all the versions of her diaries, including the uncensored ones, edited by Anne Frank herself.

ANNE is playing at Theater Amsterdam.

ANNE was created at the initiative of and in cooperation with the Anne Frank Foundation in Basel. This fund, established by Otto Frank, is the sole heir of the Frank family and any income yielded by the Frank estate is redirected to fund educational and charitable purposes, worldwide.

ANNE is produced by Imagine Nation under the leadership of Robin de Levita and Kees Abrahams, in collaboration with the National Theatre under the artistic leadership of Theu Boermans. The play was written by Jessica Durlacher and Leon de Winter. Bernhard Hammer designed the stage set and Paul M. van Brugge composed the music.