The internationally successful Broadway musical West Side Story will be staged at the IHI Stage Around Tokyo starting on August 19.

West Side Story is one of the most beloved musicals around the world, lauded for its music, dance choreography and story. With music composition by the famous American composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein, some of its most successful numbers included Tonightand America, both known to anyone and everyone. Despite being 60-years-old, love for the musical hasn’t faded even a bit.

IHI Stage Around Tokyo is located in Toyosu, Tokyo and first opened its doors in March 2017. It is home to a rotating auditorium on which the audience sits as well as an enormous moving screen and stage. The staging technology slowly and gently rotates spectators around the stage and coincides with the story of running plays.

The technology for this system was first introduced at hangers in an airport in Amsterdam in October 2010. IHI Stage Around Tokyo is the world’s second place to incorporate it and the first in Asia.

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